Wednesday, March 3, 2021

#sol21 March 3 Vegetables, Rabbits, and Deer

I planted a bit of a garden last spring because.... I was home and it seemed hopeful to plant basil, lettuce, kale and tomatoes among the lavender and weeds that usually took over the garden.
 I did harvest some basil and a lettuce salad (for one).  However, the deer and rabbits devoured everything else. In all honesty, it was a little funny (but also frustrating) watching them "steal" my harvest, even though it was frustrating to have nothing to show for all the work. 

The catalogs have been coming for weeks, now, filling the mailbox with the promise of spring' s warmth and new life. I've ordered seeds, more than I need.  I've ordered "garden soil," although I realize it is just dirt packaged with hope!  I've also secured fencing to, hopefully, keep some of the animals out of the tiny garden.  
Yet, the rabbits and deer must be more literate than I have given them credit as they must have noticed the mail carrier dropping off first catalogs and now packages of seeds! 
I've noticed my garden thieves setting up surveillance near last year's garden as the ground begins to emerge from under the snow.  

Game on, friends!  

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Glenda Funk said...

Clever deer you have there: “setting up surveillance.” Those critters are as bad as raccoons! I do hope you’re able to fool their thieving plans. Do take video.