Friday, March 5, 2021

#sol21 March 5 Full-Body Smiles and Misty Eyes


"I love him," he said softly.  ""He fits in my arms," he crooned as he wrapped his arms around the old donkey.  

I stared at the image on social media in the early morning light and felt a full body smile emerge.  Then, as the full body smile was peaking, I felt my eyes fill up and stared at the picture through misty eyes, 20 miles and 1 pandemic away.  

I am sure the animal loving little-one would be interested in adopting another pet into his family's already full-yard.  

I am confident his parents would give him a full-fledged animal farm if they did not live in a sub-division.

I am hoping to feel the squeeze of those little arms, the warmth of that growing body, and the boundless love of that precious heart, soon.  

It will bring full body smiles to us both and misty eyes for me!


Stacey Shubitz said...

This photo would tug at my heartstrings too, Anita!

20 miles and 1 pandemic away... I can feel the longing.

Melanie White said...

This is such a moving and lovely vignette using dialogue and imagery; one that strikes a universal chord with many of us. Photographs cannot do justice to the truths of our experience, but words seem to approximate. Thank you for this love slice.

fireflytrails said...

I certainly hope you feel those arms soon. It will be a healing hug.