Thursday, March 24, 2022

#sol22 March 24 Last Night


My students are looking critically at standardized testing, at this point in the semester.
Last night, they were eager to share the ideas in their heads with "exit tickets."

"I get it. Our students are a range of scores rather than a number or a score.  I can accept the range and the idea of my students as having relative strengths and needs."

"I can't believe how culturally insensitive some of these standardized assessment questions are."

"I understand why so many people are critical of standardized achievement tests! I cannot believe that so many tests are normed without second language or otherwise diverse learners.  This is wrong."

"I can't believe that some programs have program-sponsored and program-funded research data."

"I know more about 504s than the guidance counselor! I had to explain to her what a 504 could do."


Terje said...

I wonder whether there will ever be a time when standardised tests become obsolete.

Carol said...

I'm glad you are teaching students such important truths about standardized testing!