Friday, March 2, 2018

#sol 2018 March 2 Why write every day?

"Seriously, are you really going to write every day?" the astonished grad student asked as we finished our salads in the moments before class.  "I could never do that." 

"You are already writing 3 times a week for this class and I'm not hearing complaining! Writing is a habit just like exercising or meditating," I smiled. "Writing every day for this SOL challenge is some of the best PD I've ever had!" I added.

As I I fired up the slides for the class and classmates filed in to explore writing practices and poetry, I quietly added, "You could save a lot of money by doing this SOL challenge! This is where I learned what is important!"

On the drive home, I reflected on seven years of slicing every day in March.  I thought about writing posts in an emergency room, in a nursing home, and while I was home sick.  I remember finishing posts in the early morning before heading to work and in the moments before students arrive.  I remember finding posts in my classroom and finding slices while driving! I remember the thrill of that first comment and power of reading other's post.  

So hard as it will be, I'll try to write early or post late between babies, concerts, grad students, struggling readers, paying bills, doing laundry, and estate management!    


Leigh Anne Eck said...

Isn't it amazing where we find slices! And you are right about this challenge being some of the best PD ever!

Julie Johnson said...

I've never thought about SOL challenge as being PD, but you are absolutely right! I learn so much from everyone. Maybe some of your students will decide to join. Happy writing!

Bonnie K. said...

Another year of excitement :)

Michelle said...

It is the best FREE PD available! Bravo for sharing the challenge with your grad students!

thehyphenatedlifeblog said...

YES to Slice of Life being great PD! I learn so much not only by writing myself every day for 31 days but from reading other blogs (like yours!).

Ramona said...

I'm one of the seventh year class too. It's fun to hear how long each person has been participating. I considered not doing it this year, but the thrill that comes after 31 days of writing is one of the best highs of the year. Keep preaching to your students.