Thursday, March 8, 2018

#sol18 March 8 Seasonal Confusion

There seems to be some seasonal confusion in these parts!  February was supposedly the "warmest" February on record!  I wore my spring jacket for much of the month!  I was outside riding in Cozy Coupes and dreaming of spring! 

Yet, March, the month that ushers in spring, came in like an angry lion dumping ice and snow and pelting trees and power lines with hurricane like winds. Before all the power was restored, another wind, snow and ice event caused "States of Emergency," halted all unnecessary travel, brought down even more power lines, and demanded the chorus of snow blowers! 

I must admit that ice encrusted trees framed in what I am certain is spring sunshine creates an image I wish I could paint!  The juxtaposition of winter's wrath and spring's promise provides me with hope that this seasonal confusion may give way to buds on trees and daffodils in flowerbeds!


Unknown said...

"Seasonal Confusion" - tells the tale perfectly! It's a crazy ride you are on - that's for sure. Kind of scary, too. Beautiful picture you took!

elsie said...

I hate it when Mother Nature gets confused like this. Hope the ice didn't freeze the buds so they die.