Sunday, March 4, 2018

#sol18 March 4 Stories

I wish I had written down all the stories and all the quotes of students during my career. I've told many of the stories and shared lots of students' thoughts over the dinner table.  I've written many of them down since joining this sol community. Many days, when I blog, these stories are the fuel; however, many, many stories are lost to the recesses of my memory vault!

So last night, when I went to see "paid-story-tellers" do their thing, I was not at all that surprised that teachers were on stage sharing their stories.  Yes, there are people just like us, telling stories of lesson plans drafted during heart attacks and visiting students at home to hook them into school! And, there were people who are NOT teachers smiling and laughing along!

I smiled more than once as the teachers shared the small moments of their teacher-lives but my thoughts drifted to this community!  I only wish I had started to write these stories sooner!  It might have been a retirement career! 


elsie said...

I know just what you mean! Hindsight is always better.

Ramona said...

Sharing small moments of their teacher lives with a larger audience! I love the stories you've shared on your blog. I bet you still have enough stories if you're looking for a new gig when you retire.