Friday, March 16, 2018

#sol18 March 16 The Cold, My Cold and Could Be Cold

It was bitter cold as I began to change the tire.
18-wheelers generated 10 degrees of windchill.
The penetrating cold made me very cold
It reactivated my lingering cold. 

I was still cold, in my bones,
Longing for a hot tea,
Back in my classroom, shivering,
As Pam* and I worked our way through
The growing tricky word pack
"Cold," she said slowly
Attempting to sound out letters
On the of 3x5 card
As I implored her to look again.

"Maybe, it's not cold but it could be cold,"
She grinned knowing she was stalling.
"It  was  cold this morning," she smiled.
"It could be cold at recess, too," she added!

I could have explored
Unreliable phonetic patterns in English.
I could have reminded her of should or would.
Instead, I reminded her the word was could.
"Yes," she smiled, "but you and I both know
It could be cold!"

* Pseudonym

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