Sunday, March 11, 2018

#sol18 March 11 My "new" house

My "new" home is over 100 years old with plaster walls and old, oak trim. It probably had a few renovations over the years, but most of the "improvements" were in the 1950's and 60's.  Sometimes, as I shower, I imagine how many showers this old space has known?  Sometimes, as a cook dinner, I imagine the previous owners cooking for their families in my kitchen.

My "new" house sits on a tiny plot of land where neighbors are just a driveway away. They sometimes snow blow my sidewalk and sometimes bring my garbage cans in from the road on windy nights!  They invite me to their holiday black party and say hello at every chance.

My "new" house is on the outskirts of two villages so I can walk to a Dunkin' Donuts, a Starbucks, and an amazing Italian bakery, which I do.  I can walk to two parks, two delis, and two grocery stores!  I love the idea of walking to town to get a coffee or to buy a book!

My "new" house is far from my "old" house and even farther from my old life.  It is closer to some of my family and sometimes, it fills to the brim with children, grandchildren, and love.  My new house has a new sofa, a new chair, and an ottoman that stores cars and trucks for grandchildren.

My"new: house could use renovations, improvements, paint, shades, curtains and updates. Yet, it has what is needs: a legacy of love and caring. For family, this is a place where there will be fun and food. This is where Meme lives.  This is my "new"house.

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