Thursday, March 15, 2018

#sol18 March 15 Flattened Tires

The coffee was hot, but not too hot! The traffic was present, but not overwhelming. The news about Toys R Us was sad, but not as bad as news could be. But, as I turned onto the Thruway, my commute turned from peaceful, to stressful.
I hit that pothole full on. My front right tire went into the hole with a 'thud' and that familiar 'whomp, whomp' followed in seconds. I pulled just ahead of a van that had clearly taken that same hole. Then, I made the call for help as if I had done this before (I had). I texted work and waited for HELP truck that helps with flattened tires on busy highways during commutes.

I waited just long enough to reflect on the many flattened tires I've had, but not long enough to finish my coffee.  HELP arrived, raised my car, inserted the doughnut, and sent me on my way.  I thanked 'Calvin" profusely for his support and headed to work, late, but not too late.

Image result for flat tires
In 3.5 years, I think I have had 9 pot-hole-flattened tires in my sporty little Mazda.  Perhaps I should take a 'pot hole defense' course?  Perhaps, I should consider a car with full sized tires?  Perhaps someone should fix potholes?      


Lauren Dietrich said...

The potholes are horrible!!! It's so hard to drive anymore.

Emily said...

Oh no! I experienced my first pothole flat tire a few weeks ago. Not the end of the world, but definite unexpected stress to start your day. I can't believe you've had so many flat tires! Good luck on avoiding potholes in the future!

Ramona said...

9 flattened tires from potholes? Is this a result of your winter weather? I like the questions at the end of your post. Glad you were able to remain calm during this morning bump.