Thursday, March 22, 2018

#sol18 March 22 Carpe Diem

I was outside shoveling as the sun began its descent and the snow continued to fall. Neighbors with snowblowers and shovels joined me in this early spring evening gathering. It was a bit like "clean up day" except we overlooked the branches and leaves in favor of moving snow around. No one seemed particularly worried about shoveling or making driveways totally clear. Small talk ensued around shovels as it might soon ensue around rakes.  The "State of Emergency" kept people working from home, watching movies, cleaning closets and preparing taxes. There was some laughter and smiles and to be honest, if felt good to be outside on this not-so-cold evening. One neighbor offered his arms up the Mother Nature reminding her, "You giveth and you will taketh away!"  
I was outside shoveling the overnight offering in the early morning glow, along with the same neighbors, about 12 hours later! "It really is beautiful this morning," someone offered as we came close enough to talk over the roar of blowers. "I couldn't wait to get outside and shovel this morning,"

I found myself smiling as I headed back inside for coffee. An early morning walk amidst chirping birds is certainly in the future, but for today, I will seize the glory of that soft, white blanket across tress and lawns as well as cars. 


Red Emma said...

What a charming account of removing snow. And so different from the usual whines and complaints. I almost wished I had been out there shoveling snow myself and seeing that early morning sun. But I live in a big apartment building with workers whose job is to do that. They might have conversation with workers at nearby buildings if they happen to be shoveling at the same time. But I've rarely seen that.

Stacey said...

That soft, white blanket is beautiful, but I know it's gotten quite old for those of you along the I-95 Corridor. I hope this is the last of it for you, Anita!