Tuesday, March 27, 2018

#sol18 March 27 He was one of them

I saw him walking up the hill from the train station late this afternoon. I was pretty sure I knew where he was today even though I didn't know his name, nor had we ever talked. He was in his dress blues, on a Tuesday afternoon and there was certainly not a parade.  His his head hung from his shoulders as if the sum of fires and funerals weighed heavily.

When one of their brothers or sisters is lost in a fire, they come from near and far, a sea of blue, to honor the one lost.  The walker, likely long retired, likely took his uniform out of the dry cleaning bag in order to stand in honor for his fellow firefighter. 

I heard talk of the funeral on the radio this morning as I headed to work. The Cardinal would be doing his funeral mass at St Patricks. A sea of firefighters would be lining the streets.  Surely, he was one of them. I said a prayer for the lost colleague, his family and for all those who serve.


Bonnie K said...

I see him and share your moment.
Thanks Anita,

Ramona said...

Lovely tribute, Anita, to the one lost and the one doing the honors.