Monday, March 12, 2018

sol18 March 12 Gotta Go Right Now

It was the end of the morning and he was clearly tired with all that springing ahead and some Monday morning blues wrapped together. I'd fallen behind on running records with snow days and Superintendent Conferences.  I really wanted to finish this running record to share with his parents during parent teacher conferences.

I knew his class would be lining up for recess in minutes (perhaps they were not already lining up). Time was of the essence!

While his reading was slow, his momentum was carrying him to unprecedented (for him) accuracy on an unprecedented leveled text. I had already encouraged him, "to hang in there," and had already praised his progress while encouraging him to keep reading. 

But then, in a manner familiar to those of us who teach 1st graders, he stopped reading, stood up and announced as he left the room, "I gotta go."  It was clear he had to go.  With 25 words to go, he had to go.  And, that was the end of the morning and that running record. 

"I guess it will just be an incomplete running record," I smiled to myself realizing that I clearly had the information I needed and I was the only one who would probably ever notice that the running record was incomplete (until I shared the information with the masses on this blog).


Anonymous said...

This is so true of all of us. I think I hear this from all my kiddos - yes, even during running records! Hilarious!

john re reads said...

Love that it is called a running record and he had to run! Very clever

Lauren Smith said...

This made me laugh. Kids are so honest and full of truth....and very literal! Glad you were able to get what you needed and thanks for the humor in today's slice. :)

Karyn Bossenga said...

The big question is, did he have to go 🚽 or go ☀️. Love this and the way you captured his urgency.

Lauren Dietrich said...

Ha! This made me laugh. This has happened to me before, but usually they stop and linger to make sure they are allowed to leave :)

Michelle Brezek said...

haha I was also wondering - bathroom or outside? WHen you put it in perspective, you really *do* have all the information you need :-)