Tuesday, March 6, 2018

#sol18 March 5 Peas and Trucks

"And they lived hap-pea-ly ever after," I sigh as I finish Little Pea.  I must admit I really love the cadence and humor in Amy Rosenthal's board book and reading it a few times brings me as much (or more) joy to me as it brings the toddlers in my reading audience.  Clearly, it is written for adult enjoyment as well as for child enjoyment!  For now, I can usually sneak Little Pea in between readings of the crowd favorite, Trucks!  

"The busy yellow digger moves heavy rocks and dirt all day long," I sigh as I finish the first page of Trucks! I must admit I bought this book for my toddlers who love trucks, but reading it a few times does not bring me as much joy as it does my reading audience!  But, I read it again and again because those toddlers love to turn the flaps, find the ambulance driver, and wave to the mail truck!  If I want them to be readers, I have to meet them where they are.  Right now, that's in a world ruled by trucks!  


Margaret Simon said...

I don't think Trucks would bring me as much joy either, but I like that you are meeting your audience where they are. My student readers often choose books that are not the ones I would read. I have to understand them and accept their choices because that is important to creating true readers. Peas and Trucks is an engaging title.

Judy said...

I love reading to the girls and now I love it even more when they read to me.

Bonnie Kaplan said...

I remember that a great challenge for me was reading something my students wanted to share with me... ie. Harry Potter and Ready Player One. I've been so grateful.

Unknown said...