Tuesday, March 20, 2018

#sol18 Today, R became a bad guy!

In my small groups, mini-lessons are very short (1-3 minutes), but sometimes, students take us on tangents (based on their own thinking and experiences) I do not anticipate!

 "So you're saying R is a really bad guy?" he asked jumping out of his chair!

"Well BOSSY does not mean really bad," I said challenging his interpretation of the Bossy R!  "BOSSY means you are not letting someone do what they want to do!" I continued already realizing the error of my thinking when talking to a literal-thinking 7-year-old who has been schooled in Mindfulness!  "We call the R BOSSY when it comes after a vowel because it doesn't let the vowel make its sound and it doesn't let is say it's name!

"Well that is not nice!" his partner agreed.  "If a kid didn't let another kid do what they want to do they would get in a lot of trouble."

"We should call him the really mean, BAD GUY R," and send him to the principal!   

"We could make a video game about him!" his colleague certainly headed to STEM greatness volunteered!  

Clearly, it was time to do table my lesson and practice reading and writing some words!  

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