Monday, March 19, 2018

#sol18 March 19 On the edge of spring

I was at the intersection of winter and spring, on a small trail with the cold wind stinging my face and the warm sun trying to soften the blow of a long winter with too little exercise. Some sections were still covered in snow and others were covered in mud. Walking alone, there is time to listen, to think, to wonder, to hope, and to remember.

I was thinking about this long winter and wondering if spring would be able to take over this week?
I was wondering about the creek clearly ready to spread beyond its bed.
I was hoping the muddy puddles and snowy patches would not swallow my sneakers!
I was remembering a March long ago when I lost a sneaker to a muddy patch of the path! 
I was listening to the birds chirping and remembering nesting birds on the Mid Hudson Bridge.
I was hoping they would not be OK if another storm blew into town.
I was thinking about the many trails I had walked on cold March Sundays preparing for spring .
I was wondering if I would be out there walking next week, or would I find an excuse?
I was remembering someone who pushed me forward even if the weather held me back.
I was a the intersection of  winter and spring, where the old is hanging on even though we are clearly on the edge of spring.

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Unknown said...

It looks like we are not going to get a massive amount of snow this week. Maybe that will allow spring to take over?
I am ready for spring!